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Sweerts & Vaas recognizes that small companies can be underserved by the advisory and financial community.
Sweerts & Vaas provides services that larger organizations have access to, in a no-nonsense manner appropriate for small business needs.

Strategic & Financial Advisory
Sweerts & Vaas reviews goals and resources and develops a strategic road map to achieve the client’s vision. The tools that Sweerts & Vaas provides include business plan development, valuations and balance sheet restructuring.

Business Plan Development
Sweerts & Vaas uses a proprietary blend of bottom-up and top-down projections to assess a business. Multiple scenarios are evaluated with the client to understand the sensitivity and offer a realistic evaluation of the opportunity. 

Sweerts & Vaas understands the art of valuations. The principals have performed extensive work across traditional and progressive industries. Proprietary and industry specific methods based upon Latin Hypercube (a statistical sampling methodology) simulations ensure a realistic valuation.

Balance Sheet Restructuring
Sweerts & Vaas believes that a solid balance sheet sends a strong message to the financial community about the health of a business. The company evaluates the balance sheet in function of the client’s goals and provides an appropriate course of action.  

Capital Resource Optimization
Sweerts & Vaas understands how a business can be at a disadvantage without the necessary cash to handle working capital needs. Access to the appropriate financial resources and human capital are critical elements for a small business. Sweerts & Vaas functions as the in-house Corporate Development or Treasury Department initiating and executing on raising capital, joint ventures, partnerships and merger and acquisition transactions.

Business Startup, Growth & Management Structuring
Sweerts & Vaas Partners co-created two solar energy companies acting as C-level executives (CEO, CFO, CAO and Secretary) and outside/in-house counsel.

Government & Strategic Industry Relationships
Our partners develop and negotiate relationships with federal and state government organizations, academic and corporate leaders across multiple industries.

Patent & Intellectual Property (IP) programs
Our partners can lead patent committee identification, classification of IP protection as well negotiate 3rd party licensing agreements.

Compliance Policies
Our partners have planned, drafted, and managed compliance policies including NASDAQ, SEC, corporate governance, executive employment and compensation, shareholder agreements, securities laws, compliance standards, public communications, public/non-public information disclosure, insider trading, and SOX.

Program Development
Our partners have developed board, committee, executive, management, and employee programs including EIP, 401(k), and strategic advisory board comprised of industry C-Level executives.

Post Merger Integration
Sweerts & Vaas is familiar with the need to generate shareholder value from an acquisition. The company has experience in identifying and monitoring issues causing post merger integration. If unresolved, these problems can hinder realization of anticipated synergies.

Philippe Content is a CPA and can provide tax advisory and compliance services. We help companies and individuals make an optimal use of available tax incentives and deductions.

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